Final round interview questions - Software / IT jobs


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Final round interview questions - Software / IT jobs

Postby admin » Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:55 pm

Beyond a certain level of experience, the job interview questions cease to be "difference between abstract class and interface", and focus more on testing your technical acumen, collaboration and communication skills. A list of such questions, typically asked during interviews for senior positions is given below:

  • Explain the life cycle of an application development process you worked on previously.
    What the interviewer looks for is communication of requirements, planning, modeling, construction and deployment on the back end.
  • Here's a hypothetical project. Explain how you would go about it.
    They want to know how you would break your work down into tasks and how many weeks for each task. I'm really looking to find out about planning methods, their skill set and how quickly they can execute.
  • How do you respond to requirement changes in the middle of a cycle?
  • What type of methodology have you used in the past? What are its drawbacks?
  • What are different techniques for prototyping an application?
    Similar question: Do you feel there is value in wireframing an application? Why?
  • How do you manage conflicts in Web applications when there are different people managing data?
  • Tell me something you learned from a team member in the last year.
  • What software testing procedures have you used to perform a QA?


Re: Final round interview questions - Software / IT jobs

Postby admin » Fri Apr 01, 2011 5:56 am

    The following questions seek to understand how well the candidate understands the company's business, and the external environment it works in.
  • What is the company's primary business, and how exactly do we make profits?
  • What are our main competitors?
  • Can you name a recent event in the industry which affected our business significantly?

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