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Postby nitishpande » Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:00 pm


Q) horses started simultaneously toward each other and meet each other 3hr20min later. how much time will it take the slower horse to cover the whole distance if first arrived at place of departure of second 5hr later than second arrived at point of departure of first.??
Q) rahim sets out to cross forest. on first day he complets 1/10th of the journey, next day he covers 2/3rd of distance travlled the first day.He continues in this manner alternating days in which he travles 1/10th of distance still to be covered, with days on which he travels 2/3rd of total distance already covered.At end of seventh day he finds that 22.5 km more will see the end of his journey how wide is the forest??
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Time Speed and Distance

Postby Amey » Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:28 pm

TSD problems are best solved by writing arithmetic equations, after assigning variables to the desired values. If T1 and T2 are the times taken by the two horses to cover the entire stretch, we have:

D/ (x+y) = 200 mins, and
D/T1 + D/T2 = effective speed when they both approach each other = D/200 (200 minutes)

1/T1 + 1/T2 = 1/200 = (T1+T2)/T1*T2

and T1 - T2 = 5hrs = 300 (difference between the timings of two horses)

If this is a multiple choice question, trying out the option that fits will be quicker than solving the equations.

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