Student life at XLRI


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Student life at XLRI

Postby Alum_06 » Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:36 pm

Dadu’s... the XLRI lifeline

Dadu’s is perhaps the oldest witness of XLRI’s transformation from a small two room institute during its early days to the world’s premier business school as it is known today. Students and faculty have come and gone, but mind you, not without savoring the Chai and Samosa at Dadu’s. Though it was started by Dadu (affectionate Bengali term), today it's run by his sons Niranjan and Chitto. Dadu’s is also a live example of vibrant entrepreneurship for the business managers in the making. I wonder how closely it is integrated to an XLer’s life. From the Nimboo Pani (Lemon Juice) in the morning, to the Samosa and Chai in afternoon and finally to the cold coffee and cake after an intense round of badminton, Dadu’s is synonymous with life at XL (as XLRI is fondly called). In childhood, I remember seeing large advertisements in newspaper by a memory guru named Raj Bapna. I think Niranjan can easily beat him hands down any day as he would remember every paisa of “Udhar” (credit) given to each customer. And he will sternly remind of your dues whenever it exceeded levels of decency. However, he was considerate enough to let you have some more credit if you would walk in with a lady whom you are trying to impress. Dadu’s is also the hub of all the rumors and gossips at XL. Every news about the newly formed couples, newly freed singles, faculty atrocities and what not, would be first available with Chitto, who would always feel so happy to discuss the latest gossips with you. As I look back, Dadu’s is indeed the lifeline of XL and it’s difficult to imagine a life without it.

Student life at XLRI

Postby Frittetle » Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:28 am

We would like to remind all course reps that they are supposed to attend student council. Student Council will be in TH102, Penrhyn Road at 6pm on Tuesday 4 October.

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