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MBA in Europe/UK Vs. USA - Differences and comparison

PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 8:05 pm
by admin
MBA in Europe / UK Vs. MBA in US - An attempt to compare

Program duration -
Programs in Europe are typically of shorter duration and more intensive. Okay, the comment on insensitivity is arguable and probably opinionated, but most would agree that the US education system leaves a lot to the student him/ herself, whereas the European education system tends to stick to the curriculum (which, beyond doubt is flexible). This helps make the European programs shorter and better suited for experienced attendees who have clear and specific requirements from the program. This is also a reason why the EU / UK MBA classes have higher average work experience. "No business person I know would do a two-year MBA," says David Standen, director, Instituto de Empresa, Spain. "Two-year MBAs are for potential business people; actual business people know the value of their time."

Diversity and Internationalization -
European MBA classes are more diverse. Period.
Opponents of this view are likely to retaliate with some statistics, and I’d request them to take a closer look at the figures. As a country the United States is very diverse, and a student may be wrongly classified as ‘international’ even though he/she has been living in the US since generations.

Branding and corporate acceptance -
Sadly the awareness about the European MBA programs is generally low outside the home country. The US schools have very active and well-funded marketing departments that work with the industry and media to promote themselves. Due to their close relationship with the industry, the acceptance level of US MBA graduates is also high.

Work culture and Business psyche -
There are certain inherent differences between the business mindset and working style of European corporate and an American one. And, it is for you to decide which style you wish to get an exposure to.

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